During the past years, Polaris company have acheived many progresses and developed different models of both gas turbine engines and plasma assisted combustion devices. Below, a brief historical of our projects is described:
Geraplasma Project
Sponsored by PETROBRAS Company (PETROBRAS Project # 540.4.048.03-8), the project consisted on developing a gas turbine engine capable of generating up to 50 kW of mechanical power with the use of natural gas as fuel. It has been concluded within the year of 2004 and had the participation of Multivacuo company and ITA.

50 kW Stationary Gas Turbine
TR3500 Engine Project
Sponsored by FINEP (FINEP Project # 01.06.0889.00), the Project consisted in developing an aeronautical gas turbine engine prototype for future use in military applications such as small drones. The engine is a pure jet capable of providing up to 3500 N of thrust power in ISO conditions being consisted of a 4:1 single stage radial compressor, annular combustion chamber, axial turbine rotor and sonic exhaust nozzle.

TR3500 engine placed within ITA propulsion laboratory installations
Plasma Assisted Combustion Chamber Project
Sponsored by FAPESP (Project # 05/60012-6), the project consisted in developing a laboratorial set for analizing and asserting the positive effects of plasma assisted combustion. New models of intustrial burners and combustion chamber igniters can be developed using this promising technology.

Rotex® Plasma Reactor
ULP Project
Sponsored by a braziliand multinational company, the project consisted in the development of an aeroderivative stationary gas turbine model for laboratorial analysis of the engines parameters and behavior. The engine is capable of providing up to 1 MW of shaft power.

Parameters Analysis Unit (Unidade de Levantamento de Parâmetro) – ULP
TVRD 1000 Project
Sponsored by a brazilian multinational company, the project consisted in developing a stationary gas turbine engine capable of providing up to 1 MW of shaft power to be assembled with an electrical power generator. The engine is consisted of a centrifugal compressor, annular combustion chamber and a two stages axial turbine rotor.

1MW Gas Turbine Engine
Biodiesel Laboratorial Set
Laboratorial set consisting of a gas generator unit in which natural gas, kerosene or biodiesel can be used as fuel. The set has been built for academical studies about liquid fuel combustion concepts. The small gas turbine engine is electronically controlled and used also for analysis of different models of injection beaks.

Laboratorial Set for Biodiesel Tests
Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility
The test facility designed by Polaris team is sound proof and has all necessary instrumentation for measuring and analyzing small gas turbine engines parameters – thermocouples, charge cells, pressure sensors, monitoring system – The engine is remotelly controlled by an operator who remains well protected and all of the engine’s main parameters can be evaluated for thermodinamical studies.

Sound Proof Gas Turbine Test Bench
Supersonic Scramjet Igniter
The project consisted in designing an igniter device specially built to be used in hypersonic flow engines. The igniter utilizes Plasma Rotex® technology and was built to be used within a hydrogen SCRAMJET combustion chamber where air is accalerated at Mach 2.5 speed.

Ignitor Scramjet
TR3500 Optimization Project - FINEP
Sponsored by FINEP (FINEP Project # 03.10.0022.00), the main objective of the project is to optimize the TR3500 engine in order to achieve more efficiency and power. The engine is intended to be used in military applications.

Optimized TR3500 turboreactor

TJ1000 parts