Combustion Chamber
Since 2004, Polaris has been developing and manufacturing different types of combustion chambers, such as annular and tubular using direct or reverse flux.

Engine Hot Parts
(gas generator and free turbine disk)
In a partnership with a national company, Polaris is able to manufacture high quality engine hot parts such as stators, blisks and engine case. In addition, a hollow blade model for better cooling is currently being developed and tested, representing great advance in acheivng higher efficiency, specially in higher power engines.

Polaris hollow blade for stator cooling

Previous models have been tested in TR3500 engine, what gave confidence and experience to design an even better model to be used in TJ1000 jet engine.

Special Thermocouples
Polaris developed and manufactured special thermocouples used in TVRD1000, TVSE1000 and TR3500 engines for measuring stagnition temperatures up to 1270°C. In a further step, the certification of those thermocouples will be acheived.

High Performance Radial Compressor
Having successfully developed several radial compressor models, Polaris proved experience permitted the current development of a new high performance radial compressor with 8.6:1 comrpession rate.

Manufacturing of Centrifugal Compressor Rotor
High Performance Axial Compressor
Polaris has designed and successfully tested a four stages transonic axial compressor, being currently used in TJ1000 engines. An innovative version, named Twin Blade Compressor, consisting of two double-row stages has been developed and is currently being tested. This new concept is very promising and soon will improve even more Polaris´s engines performance.

Aerospace Engines Plasma Rotex® Igniters
Developed and designed by Polaris, their main use is in SCRAMJET engines special combustion chambers (supersonic version) and gas turbines, giving them a better and quicker start. Another possible appication is the acheivement of higher stabilization in industrial burners, providing also higher reliability due to cathalytic plasma technology. Sereval models have been developed and tested by Polaris.

Polaris Plasma Rotex® Ignitor

Electronic Control Systems
Polaris has manufactured several models of power sources for Rotex® plasma systems with different power capabilities according to the desired application. Several of those power sources have been manufactured and used in Polaris projects, proving their unctionality and reliability.

Gas Turbine Parts Developed by Polaris