In the last July, 18th, Polaris engineering team has started the successful tests of an aeronautical engine using an innovative concept of a high performance axial compressor operating in transonic regime, applying new knowledge concepts. The compressor, which has only two stages, is able to reach up to 4,84:1 of compression rate - considered high taking in account the axial component’s low size and number of stages. The operational space of a compression stage is spanned by a suitably averaged flow coefficient of 0,62 and work coefficient of 0,8.

The company will continue its tests and is already elaborating the request of an international innovation patent.

The TJ1000 jet engine, developed with FINEP support, has large applications in long range cruise missiles and should become a major exponent concerning military applications as a subproduct in Defense Industry. According to Polaris’ engineer’s point o view, many advances can be reached in case sponsors realizes the strategical importance of investing in this new technology.

The new compressor may, in the future, replace the current used ones due to it’s technical and economical characteristics. This new compressor could be a turning point due to it’s advantages when compared to regular axial compressors:

a) Larger compression rate per stage implying in less weight and lower manufacturing costs;

b) More efficiency, resulting in higher levels of net power;

c) Easyer manufacturing, implying in lower costs;

d) The same compression rate can be reached with the use of a lower number of stages – for instance, engines currently using 16 stages regular axial compressors could reach the same result using an even more efficient 6 stages;

e) Simpler maintenance due to lower number of stages;

f) Simpler, lighter and cheeper engines due to this new component;

In the competitive technological world, the results will not always be quick and glorious. Betting in the future and in new technologies must be a mark, since good results, whenever reached, can bring extraordinary profits.

The Polaris is a technology based company that conceive and designs gas turbines - a strategic technology dominated by few countries. His team has already developed a turbojet of 1180 lbf of thrust, specific consumption of 1.11 kg/kgf. (h), with transonic axial compression of 4 stages, to a client and is currently designing a new turbojet model, from  international client.

São Jose dos Campos, july,28, 2013.

Alberto Carlos Pereira Filho - Project Manager