Turbine TJ200

TJ200 was specially designed to be used in either cruise missiles or high performance UAVs demanding smaller engines (the basic engine is small in size – 160 mm in diameter and 450 mm long without the front nose).

The most important advantage of TJ200 engine is a relatively low SFC (Specific Fuel Consumption) when compared to other engines of the same size, what makes TJ200 perfect to be used in long range small missiles. The rotating set is composed by an axial compressor (Twin Blade Technology) powered by a single stage turbine rotor and the fuel is burned inside an annular type combustion chamber at the rate of 136 kg per hour at sea level and ISA conditions. The dry thrust provided in those conditions can reach up to 220 lbf.

The use of an innovative design concept for the compressor, called Twin Blade Technology, is the key for TJ200 engine to be able to reach low SFC values considering its small size and for it to open new possibilities in military market.